Increasing crop quality and yield organically

HumicGrow from AgriSciences

Composed from sustainable sources of rich humic substances, HumicGrow is a range of organic boosters programmed to increase plant quality and yield, replenish depleted soils, and benefit plant root systems by increasing root length, radius and density.

HumicGrow contains a highly concentrated mixture of humic and fulvic substances combined with non-traceable nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, including core microelements like calcium, sulphur, magnesium and micronutrients like boron, chlorine, manganese, iron, zinc, copper and molybdenum – key elements for plant nutrition.

Plants grown on soils which contain adequate humin, humic acids, and fulvic acids are less subject to stress, are healthier, produce higher yields; and the nutritional quality of harvested foods and feeds are superior.

Fast acting and economic

Adopting HumicGrow as part of your fertility programme requires little or no change to established fertiliser and farming practices; no special skills; no extra labour; no specialised plant or machinery.

HG formats
Available in fine, granulated and liquid formats

HumicGrow at a glance


Fine powder


1 to 250 parts
1 to 500 parts
1 to 1,000 parts



Other usage

Soaking seeds
Soil remediation

Apply with



Non toxic
Non combustible

About AgriSciences

AgriSciences Limited

AgriSciences Limited is a privately owned company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, with technical, scientific and production sites located in Northwest Russia.

In 2006 AgriSciences purchased pioneering Russian bio-technologies producing powerful, organic additives for mineral and organic fertilisers. The company created partnerships with leading Russian Scientists and Agricultural Universities to complete the work and now has crop-specific products for most parts of the World and a production capability to treat 420,000 hectares a month.


HumicGrow is available through commercial and governmental agencies. AgriSciences welcomes enquiries from distributors, governmental bodies, scientific and educational institutes.

New distributors welcomed

If you are interested in becoming a distributor then, provided there is no other agreement in place for your country or region, we will be happy to discuss the possibility with you.



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