What HumicGrow is

So what is HumicGrow?

A highly concentrated mixture of humic and fulvic substances combined with non-traceable nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, including core microelements like calcium, sulphur, magnesium and micronutrients like boron, chlorine, manganese, iron, zinc, copper and molybdenum – key elements for plant nutrition.

HumicGrow products use rich Sapropels, Chernozem, Leonardite and Lignite originating from Northwest and Central Russia. Russian humic substances are considered by many to be the most effective in the World as they benefit uniquely from their organic interaction with fresh lake water that originated from the ice caps many thousands of years ago.

Is HumicGrow a fertiliser?

No. HumicGrow doesn’t supply NPK but acts instead to increase its availability by collecting and binding its key nutrients together, delivering them efficiently into a plant’s system and then retaining them there. It is a key component of any effective fertility programme.

When Humic substances enter plants at early stages of development, they increase cell division and root development; act as a respiratory catalyst and natural chelator for metal ions under alkaline conditions; convert nutrients into easily digestible form suitable for any plants; protect plants from chlorosis and increase the permeability of plant membranes. They also reduce plant reaction to stress and increase quality and yield.

What you should know about Humic substances

What HumicGrow does

Key functions

  • Cleans and nourishes soil while fertilising.

  • Improves the health of plants. Can programmed to fight fungal diseases and build resistance to pests.

  • Increases yield, improves quality and extends shelf life.

  • Promotes responsible farming.

Cleans and nourishes soil while fertilising

HumicGrow acts as a soil decontaminator and revitaliser, by liaising and immobilising elements that are harmful to plant nutritron such as radionucleids and heavy metal salts (e.g. lead and cadmium) in infected soil, reducing its absorption into crops by up to 65%. It also works as a rare solution for fruits, vegetables and other crops, particularly effective in dry, hot climates by preventing crops from losing humidity.

Improves the health of plants.

HumicGrow helps to protect crops from parasites by strengthening the molecular liaisons of plants, preventing insects from harming the texture of plants (tests performed on Colorado bugs in Crimea). It increases crop resistance to water and wind erosion, stimulates germination (by up to 39%), builds up biomass and improves water circulation. It has a stimulating effect on the immune system of plants protecting and decreasing their affection with bacterial and fungal disease.

Increases yield, improves quality.

Data and results from field trials demonstrate that HumicGrow application leads to:

  • increase of agricultural product yield of up to 30%;

  • greater adaptability of replanted seeds;

  • improved seed germination;

  • improved plant resistance to light frosts, drought, humidity, diseases and pests;

  • faster ripening processes;

  • improvement of palatability and reduced spoilage during harvesting periods;

  • higher growth, improved appearance and copious blooming of garden and decorative plants;

  • a rise in efficiency of macro and micro elements contained in mineral fertilisers, enables reduction in the volumes of chemical applied;

  • reduced crop loss during replanting and adverse weather conditions;

  • shorter ripening periods of agricultural products.

Promotes responsible farming by:

  • reconditioning the soil that it comes into contact with;

  • strengthening plant resistance to parasites so that crops require less pesticide;

  • being a super concentrate that is energy efficient to transport;

  • being non-toxic and safe to handle;

  • containing no pollutants.<


HumicGrow's role in today's farming

Farming with chemicals

Inorganic fertilisers in use today are produced in ways which cannot be continued indefinitely. Potassium and phosphorus come from mines or from saline lakes and resources are limited. Nitrogen is unlimited, but nitrogen fertilisers are presently made using fossil fuels such as natural gas.

High energy costs coupled with fast growing global demand for fertilisers make price increases inevitable. In the last two years alone market prices for inorganic fertilisers have increased more than 200% and remain volatile.

In an attempt to curtail environmental damage and improve food safety, European farmers also have to contend with new restrictions on the use of inorganic fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides. Farmers and growers worldwide are anyway under growing pressure to protect surface and groundwater from pollution caused by the run-off of nitrogen-based fertiliser from farmland into the water environment

Farming with no chemicals

Organic farming is not an alternative. It is less efficient and lower yielding. Also, in many countries, depleted soils can no longer deliver enough organic matter to maintain soil health. If the world’s 1.5 billion hectares of farm land were farmed organically, we would have enough food for only about 2.4 billion people - leaving more than half the world’s 6.5 billion people without food.

Farming with less chemicals

Inorganic fertilisers are essential for commercial crops but damage soil. Using less fertiliser lessens this damage and allows most soil types to become more productive. More productive soil requires less fertiliser - and so on. The reverse is usually true in that the more inorganic fertiliser that is used, the more damaged the soil becomes requiring ever-increasing fertilisation in successive treatments.

HumicGrow has been developed not only to allow farmers to reduce their current levels of fertilisation without losing crop yield but also to improve crop health, increase yield and improve quality. It works in conjunction with organic and inorganic fertiliser application and requires no additional labour or capital costs. Find out how it works here.

HumicGrow is inexpensive, organic, safe to handle and uses core product which is sustainable. It is good for plants, soil and ecology. It is highly concentrated - usually 1 to 1,000 parts. This makes it inexpensive to transport and store. If farming with less chemicals is today's best option for agriculture, then so is HumicGrow.

HumicGrow's range of products


The primary professional grade liquid for agricultural or ornamental use as part of a balanced fertility programme.


Different environments frequently require different approaches. Expert is formulated to help growers tackle specific crop issues and conditions.

Synergy MC

Designed to help manufacturers boost the performance of their existing fertiliser formulations.


Can be applied alone to build humic matter in the soil or mixed with a conventional fertiliser application to enhance the uptake and efficacy of the fertiliser application.


A dry powder designed to be mixed or formulated prior to application with dry granular fertilisers, soil amendments, potting soil or any other bulk substrate which is already being applied to a crop.

Zerebra  <<< NEW >>>

Inhibits the development of fungi and bacteria. Strengthens the immune system of plants and reduces stress. Ideal for harsh growing environments.

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